Cost of leaks?

FACT: In many plants, compressed air leaks may represent the single largest consumption. Plants with no effective compressed air leak management program lose, on average, 30% to 50% of their compressed air production to leaks.

Leaks are not only wasted energy, they are also significantly expensive and contribute to increased CO2 emissions. Leak Management program provides a sustainable reduction in leaks and energy savings.

Several independent studies have confirmed that leak detection & repair in compressed air and gas systems is the most cost-effective measure to achieve energy savings. In fact, “Compressed Air Challenge” identifies that 42% of the energy savings potential in compressed air systems is from leak detection and repairs which provides a return on investment in less than 6 months.

Leak Detection is only the first step in Leak Management

Leak “detection” is the initial step in managing current and future leaks. Leak detection surveys locate and “tag” individual leaks and establishes a system to cost-effectively correct the leaks based on the energy losses as well as the costs of repair. Leak Management is a system to attain a financially advantageous and sustainable leak level through a systematic program to identify and improve areas of concern.


Detecting leaks does not save money…Repairing leaks saves money!

Maximize your savings, start now!

It is not uncommon to ignore air leaks since leaks may be viewed as only free air.” However, air leaks reduce profitability every minute that a leak continues.The longer that repairs are delayed and that leaks are allowed to continue, the more potential savings will be lost. Which one you will choose “ SOONER OR LATER “  AND IT IS OBVIOUS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

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